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The Wayuu mochila (bag) is a sincere expression of a handcrafted art that dates back many centuries. Recognized for their exuberant colors and patterns each mochila is hand stitched and unique, no two bags are alike. As you hold a mochila, it is our hope you feel the labor and artistry the Wayuu women have knitted into your bag. Your mochila symbolizes your support of keeping a beautiful tradition alive and of empowerment that expands across the globe. You are not just purchasing a bag; your purchase of a mochila has made an impact on the life of the artisan. Tribe + Truth holds high standards in both the area of quality and especially the area of our mission to pay fair and sustainable wages. Your mochila may have taken up to 20 days to create and thus we take pride in that every purchase made has a direct impact on the woman who has handcrafted your mochila.




Double thread bags are hand stitched in approximately 7-10 days. Production time varies from weaver to weaver depending on level of experience. A good way to understand the difference between the double and single thread is that the design of a double thread bag is a pixelated version of a single thread bag.



The single thread bag is a high end stitch. It has a 20 day production time on average. The single thread stitch is way finer than the double thread and for this reason the designs tend to be more intricate and the colors tend to stand out more.



The Wayúu fabric is rich in traditional designs called kaanás (art of weaving drawing). This ancestral technique goes back to the pre-Colombian period and is used in the elaboration of pieces that for their great beauty and color are the most appreciated among the Wayúu.

The traditional motifs of the Kanaas are the most authentic expression of how the Wayuu interpret and abstract elements of their material world and daily life to create stylized figures of great symbolism, among them the shells of Turtles and star constellations, among others.

These are generally geometric compositions which are repeated as a design border throughout the length of the weavings, each of which receives a name that expresses its meaning, such as: 1) Spider Web 2) Falling Stars 3) Cups 4) Zig Zag aka "Susu."